Taichung Gateway, Taiwan (Taichung) The planning of Taichung Gateway District gives full consideration to factors such as globalization, future growth of cross-strait trade and the future development of Central Taiwan. Echoing Taichungˇ¦s positioning as a livable city and vision to become a cosmopolis,the project incorporates functions in trade & economics, R&D, college, recreation, culture and housing. The aim is to create a new and vibrant urban oasis fostering a great lifestyle, creativity, culture and biodiversity, while serving as Taichungˇ¦s gateway to the world - ˇ¨Taichung Gateway - Active Gateway Parkˇ¨. Through a public-private partnership, the project will offer a visionary, international and creative urban environment that provides a solid foundation for Central Taiwan to connect with the rest of the world. 812 522

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