Mifare handheld device

Introducing Parktron¡¦s second generation handheld device model ICHC216. Compared with previous generation, the upgraded microprocessor of ICHC216 enhances overall system performance that optimizes user experience. This handheld device ONLY works with Parktron¡¦s CPS2000 Chipcoin parking system and IPS2000 Mifare IC card parking system as the software provided is inhouse designed. There are two types of software to choose from to enable this handheld device to be either used as a MiniPOS / Handheld Cashier for payment or a Multiple Discount Device for discount validation.

  • New ticket issuing at parking entrance.
  • Standalone operation to process regular parking payment at the parking exit or any other location required.
  • Built-in thermal receipt printer to provide receipt.
  • A base cradle with RS232 connection interface for battery charging.
  • USB interface for data synchronization.
Suitable for retail shops or hotels whereas more than one type of discount mechanism is deployed.
  • User access right control.
  • Programmable device ID (3 digits).
  • Configurable parking ID (3 digits).
  • Maximum number of discount records supported (1-15 times).

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