An optional system function of IPMS2000 parking management system.
Simply mount the IP camera at Entry Terminal and Exit-POS, and with additional image capturing & verification software installed with our POS program at every Exit-POS (Cashier station at exit), you can increase the security of your parking system to another level with the least investment cost required!
  • Solution for countries with non-standard license plate to boost security level.
  • Image captured and linked to parking ticket at entry.
  • Image captured again and manually verified against entry image at exit-POS.
  • Integrated with Parktron Pay-at-Exit parking system.
  • Supports all parking ticket types - Mifare card, Chipcoin and Barcode.
  • IP Cam:
    1. High quality VGA CMOS sensor for excellent image quality
    2. Built-in IR LEDs to capture video in low-light environments, or even complete darkness
    3. Real-time H.264, MPEG4, and MJPEG compression
  • Verification software:
    1. Would be installed in every Exit-POS computer integrated with POS program.¡@
    2. Entry image(s) will be shown side by side with exit image(s) for manual verification. (Max. 2 images for any entry and exit).¡@
    3. Manual confirm or automatic exit release can be configured.

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