Automatic Gate - AGT213S

The AGT213S automatic gate is designed for vehicle access control. It can be widely used in places such as parking lots, toll gates, warehouses, railway crossings and commercial premises. The standard length of the gate arm is 3 meters with 3 seconds manufacture pre-defined opening time.

  • Manual release.
  • Machine core adopting compression spring, effectively avoids accidents caused by spring breaking.
  • Die-casting aluminum alloy motor, precise operation and good at thermal radiation.
  • Motor with cooling fan to ensure overheat- protection.
  • Double safety limit switches (photo-electricity limit switch/motor memory sensor)
  • Reversing on obstacle.
  • Auto-closing.
  • Support infrared photocell for anti-bumping function (Optional).
  • Support external or internal vehicle loop detector (Optional).
  • Traffic light interface available.
  • Wired control (switch signal) / Remote control (418MHz).
Power Supply AC110/220V 10% , 0.8 /1.6A, 50/60Hz
Motor 220V / 120W Single phase
Working temperature -40˘X ~ +55˘XC
Weight 50 Kg
Gate arm length 3 M (Max. 4M)
Gate opening time 3 seconds
Dimensions (W x H x D) 38 x35 x107 cm

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