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  IPMS2000 íV Intelligent Parking Management Software

Managing your parking facility with just a few clicks from anywhere in the world!

Simply login to IPMS2000 software via a web browser to monitor and control the entire parking facility. All setups, configuration of the system, revenue or other report inquiries can be easily operated with a few finger clicks even from the other side of the world.
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Program functions

  • Main page.
  • Remote control.
  • Setup.
  • Ticket.
  • Report.

Program Features

  • User friendly interface.
  • Continuous system monitoring.
  • Real time status acquiring.
  • Alarm reporting.
  • Universal parking fee configuration.
  • Remote control to all linked system devices.
  • Parking space counting system.
  • Integrated season card system
    System database with a configurable backup schedule and location.
  • Reports.
  • Multi-level administrative authorization implemented.

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