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  CPS2000 íV Chipcoin Parking System

Reusable, Cost-Effective, Parking ticket innovation!

Adopting contactless Chipcoin technology, CPS2000 is the latest parking management system built by Parktron. A Chipcoin is a plastic token with a chip inside to store parking data as a parking ticket, and it makes CPS2000 the most cost effective and environmental friendly parking solution through its reusable feature.

Without printing on a ticket, the contactless data read/write in a chip not only reduces ticket issuing time and system maintenance efforts but also makes a higher level of system stability and data security. With each machine unit in the system equipped with an IPC (Industrial Personal Computer) and connected with each other via Ethernet, CPS2000 guarantees not only a reliable and stable operation of your parking system but also an ultimate flexibility for system expansion or integration to other systems such as LPRS (License Plate Recognition System), CSC(Contactless Smart Card) and long range RFID systemsíKetc.

Running at the central station of the CPS2000 parking system, the Central Management Software makes parking management such an easy job. Any system setups, report generation, real time device status monitoring and remote control can be all done by just a few clicks!

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