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  Innovation, improvement and customer satisfaction are our goals.

Stepping into the field of automated parking systems in Taiwan in 1993, the core team members of Parktron have since built a strong reputation of professionalism in this field. A stream of successful installations and continuous product systems improvement prove the team has fulfilled its drive for customer satisfaction in the industry.

Established in 2001, led by the core team members, Parktron presented an outstanding performance in its first two years. As a result, Parktron was acquired by CHEM group (a well known public company in electric and machinery manufacturing and the largest parking management company in Taiwan) and became one of its subsidiaries in 2003. With CHEM group’s full support on the financial base, Parktron has been focusing on new product development and company operation without distraction in the years since acquisition.

Parktron provides a wide range of automated parking product systems to meet the needs of almost any scale of parking facility on the market. We currently provide four(4) parking ticket solutions as a standard product system: Mifare IC card, barcode and Chipcoin. In addition to these standard products, Parktron is also a versatile manufacturer and a specialist of integrated parking solutions to tailor-make your parking system along with PGS, LPR, CCTV, and DVR systems. We can even incorporate shopping discount or hotel management systems – giving you a total solution to your parking system needs.

Leveraging advanced technology, our embedded parking system guarantees the most reliable and cost-effective parking management system on the market. Selection of only the highest quality parts has made our products durable and greatly reduced after-sales service and maintenance costs. Most importantly, our extended commitment to customers has earned Parktron a leadership position in the industry in Taiwan.

After years of extending our business overseas, we have successfully adjusted and proven our products and services to meet the diverse needs and demands of the international market. Please contact us to find out if there is our local distributor near your location to serve you.

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