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IPMS2000 – Intelligent Parking Management Software

Product Category : IPMS2000 Central Management Software

Manage your parking facilities from anywhere in the world via a network system! Log in to the IPMS2000 software through a web browser to monitor and control the entire parking lot. All system settings, device configuration and revenue reports or other reports can be easily queried and obtained.

IPMS2000 Intelligent Parking Management Software

Product description

  • User friendly interface:

- Main functions with graphic icon button for an easy use.

  • Continuous system monitoring:

- PMS2000 continuously monitors all the linked devices on the system and reports alarms if any.

  • Real time status acquiring:

- A real-time detailed status of all the linked devices can be easily acquired from the device tree chart at main page.

  • Alarm reporting:

- Instant alarms are prompted and listed in the alarm table on the screen and also saved in database.

  • Universal parking fee configuration:

- Designed to easily setup various kinds of parking fee charging scheme.
- Multiple rates, time zones, day types, daily/weekly maximum charge, discounts, holidays, complimentary and grace time are all configurable.

  • Remote control to all linked system devices:

- Hardware reset or software restart of all linked devices.
- Open/close automatic gates remotely.
- Programmable timing output contacts to control peripheral devices.

  • Parking space counting system:
  • - Hourly & subscribed spaces counted respectively.
  • - Vacant number can be sent to a numeric LED information display.
  • Integrated season card system:

- Time zone configurable.

- Anti-passback control included.

  • System database with a configurable backup schedule and location.
  • Reports:

- Revenue report for Auto PayStations.
- Shift report for Cashier Stations.
- Transaction report for auditing.
- Traffic flow report.
- Daily/Weekly/Monthly revenue report.
- Parking duration report.

  • Multi-level administrative authorization implemented:

- Each administration level authorized with selected software functions.
- Different operator account can be assigned with different adminis tration level.

System flow chart

Product specifications

  • Main page:

- A pie chart of occupancy status.

- An alarm table of instant alarms.
- A system tree chart to monitor individual device status.

  • Remote control:

-Hardware reset or software restart of all linked devices.
-Various commands to remote controllinked devices.

  • Setup:

- System: Device variable configuration.
- All devices.
- Auto PayStation/Cashier Station.
- Entry/Exit Terminals.
- Parking area. - Parking rate.
- Holiday. - Discount.
- Operator account.
- Authorization level.

  • Ticket:

- Blacklist management.
- Season card management.

  • Report:

- Daily revenue.
- Operator shifts.
- Monthly revenue.
- Traffic.
- Alarm.
- Other reports.