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Taichung Gateway

Taichung Shuiyu Economic and Trade Ecological Park (referred to as Shuiyu Economic and Trade Park, also known as Shuiyu Smart City) is a large-scale urban project located at the original site and surrounding area of Shuiyu Airport in Xitun District, Taichung City. It adopts Parkyron Intelligent Parking Management System and License Plate Identification System. The integration provides smart and convenient parking facilities.


Introduction to the smart parking lot of Shuihu Economic and Trade Zone




Parking lot entrance and parking space



APS Autopay Station



APS Autopay Station & Car finding Kiosk



Entrance license plate recognition and eTag system



Exit terminal & multi-card ticket inspection machine (Easy card + iPASS)



Entry terminal  & multi-card ticket inspection machine (Easy card + iPASS)